Vinyl is an attractive flooring material that is fairly easy to maintain. Learn more about the top tips and best practices for maintaining your vinyl floors today. By following this guide, you can work to ensure that your LVP, LVT, and waterproof vinyl floors look great for years to come.

Sweeping is the one surefire way to guarantee that your vinyl floors age well over time. Sweeping can help remove dirt and debris. This debris can scratch your laminate and cause it to take on a weathered and outdated appearance. How often you need to sweep your vinyl floors will be dependent on the foot traffic and wear and tear on the room in question. 

It is also recommended to ensure that guests remove their shoes before walking across your vinyl floors. Entry mats at the doors of your home can also have a positive effect. Learn more about dealing with vinyl messes below!

Man sweeping Vinyl | Kay Riley Flooring and Design
Sweeping Vinyl flooring | Kay Riley Flooring and Design

Dirt & Debris

To remove dirt and debris from your vinyl floors, the best method of maintenance is sweeping. When and if this debris settles on your vinyl, it can lead to scratching, scraping, and a grungy appearance over time. Vinyl floors are tough on water, spills, stains, and so on, but it is always in your best interest to protect your vinyl floors as able. And sweeping is an excellent form of floor protection. 

Spill cleaning on Vinyl floor | Kay Riley Flooring and Design


Vinyl is able to handle spills, and liquid messes superbly, so long as you act fast after they occur. When and if a liquid mess transpires, we know it will obtain a cloth and absorb the substance quickly. The longer you wait to do this, the more likely it is that the substance will damage your vinyl flooring and the subflooring beneath. Just because vinyl floors are waterproof that doesn't mean that messes should be allowed to sit for an extended period. For difficult-to-navigate liquid messes, consult your manufacturer.

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