Tile floors, much like hardwood, are durable and low maintenance. But just because tile is low-maintenance, that doesn't mean that no maintenance will be required to keep your tile floors looking great over time. Follow our guide to ensure beauty and longevity in your tile floors for years to come. 

Sweep your tile floors on a regular basis to ensure that they look great and perform well. Sweeping can help remove dirt and debris which can scratch, scrape, and damage the grouting of your tile floors. How often you do so will depend on the traffic the tile receives. 

It is also recommended to ensure that guests remove their shoes before walking across your hardwood floors. Entry mats at the doors of your home can also have a positive effect.

You may also wet mop your tile floors, but be wary of leaving too much standing water. 

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Dirt & Debris

When it comes to tile, dirt, and debris are best removed on a regular basis to guarantee beauty and performance. When and if this debris settles on your tile, it can lead to scratching, scraping, and a grungy appearance, in your grout, over time. Tile is durable flooring, but it's always good to limit the amount of dirt that comes into contact with it. Stay diligent on dirt and debris on your tile. 

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Weekly Care

Tile is tough on liquid spills and stains, so long as you act fast. When and if a liquid mess takes place, obtain a cloth and absorb the substance as quickly as you can. The longer you wait to do this, the more likely damage will occur to your tile flooring, grouting, and the subflooring beneath.  You may also wet mop to address these spills as well. For difficult-to-navigate liquid messes, consult your manufacturer.

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