Basic carpet care can help ensure that your floors look great and perform well over time. By following our care guide and reading up on best practices for maintaining your floors, you'll be amazed at how great your carpet floors continue to look. 

Daily carpet care revolves around vacuuming. By investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner and putting it to use on a regular basis, you can help ensure that dirt, dust, and other debris do not harm your floors. If dirt and other debris work their way into your carpet fibers, they can cause lingering damage and ruin the overall look of your floors. How often you vacuum will depend on the traffic the room(s) receive. 

It is also recommended that you remove your shoes before walking across your carpet floors and that you ask guests to do the same. Entry mats are also an effective way to manage the amount of dirt that enters your home. 

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For dry stains or messes on your carpet, vacuum them up right away to avoid long-term damage to your carpet flooring. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that dirt, dust, and other debris have the opportunity to damage the fibers of your carpet floors. It is also a best practice to address solid and liquid messes immediately after they occur.

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For liquid spills, it is essential that you act fast to prevent long-term damage to your carpet. Depending on the substance spilled, the process may vary slightly, but generally speaking, when a liquid spill takes place, obtain a dry cloth and try to absorb as much of the mess as you can. From there, obtain another cloth, submerged in cold water, and begin to blot out the substance. If the mess persists, consult your manufacturer for approved cleaning solutions. 

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