DAILY laminate CARE

Laminate floors are low-maintenance and high performing. Learn more about the top tips and best practices for maintaining your laminate floors today. By following this guide, you can work to ensure that your laminate floors look great for years to come.  

Laminate floors must be swept regularly to continually look their best. Sweeping can help remove dirt and debris. Said debris can scratch your laminate and cause it to take on a grungy look. Sweeping on a daily basis, or as much as your floors need, is the most surefire to keep your laminate floors looking great.

It is also recommended to ensure that guests remove their shoes before walking across your laminate floors. Entry mats at the doors of your home can also have a positive effect. The goal is to eliminate as much of the outside from entering the inside of your home as is possible. 

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DIrt & Debris

For dirt and other debris, the best method of maintenance is sweeping them up with your broom in a timely manner. When and if this debris settles on your laminate, it can lead to scratching, scraping, and a grungy appearance over time. Laminate is durable and easy to maintain, but it's best always to limit the amount of dirt and outside debris that enters your home. You may also wet mop periodically, but be wary of using too much water as it could cause your laminate to warp. 

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Fortunately for homeowners, laminate flooring is tough on liquid spills. When and if a liquid mess takes place, obtain a cloth and absorb the substance as quickly as you can. Waiting to address spills is never a good idea as it allows the material more time to damage your laminate or the subflooring beneath. For difficult-to-navigate liquid messes, consult your manufacturer.

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